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About Itasha Coffee

Founded in 2023, we're a grassroots coffee company based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Itasha Coffee Co. was founded on the shared passions of cosplay, cars, and coffee. We understand the feeling of staying up till 3am trying to finish a prop before the convention starts in the morning, and the struggle of finding out why there is an extra bolt after you've "finished" putting your car back together.

That is why we wanted a coffee company that not only tasted amazing, but also was a part of the same communities that we are.

Award winning coffee without the snobbery.

- The Itasha Coffee Crew

Small Batch Roasts

We aren't your typical coffee roaster. Our coffee isn't roasted in an industrial factory, but is instead roasted in small batches just prior to packaging and shipping to ensure quality.

Extraordinary Flavors

Skip the flavored creamers! We offer a variety of amazing flavored coffee roasts that are infused with your favorite flavors. From fruity to chocolately, we've got it all! We also offer a variety of unflavored classic roasts too!

Constant Rotation

We're constantly creating new flavors depending on the season and upcoming holidays, so you always have something new to try! As well, we rotate in new original roast blends and single-origin roasts frequently!

Thank you to all of our wonderful family, friends, and team members!